Sutterton Nature Reserve

Bob & Marion purchased the Thatched Cottage on the 17th of January 2005.That spring they became aware that an 8 acre field immediately to the West was for sale, the field was then purchased in the July of 2005.


A new car park was built, enabling a kitchen extension and Victorian garden room to be tastefully attached to the West of the cottage all embraced by a grey stone patio complete with chess board.


Beyond the car park within the 7 acres set aside, 12 woods have been created by a series of meandering rides or grassed paths, a mile in length.


The field, left fallow for 15 years became the catalyst for an awakening of everything the Thatched Cottage should be, a place steeped in tradition, embraced by the Fens, a place of respite, recreation, refreshment and reflection, a place to smell the roses.


From the air the rides would appear as a “random fleur de lys”, but remain deceptively hidden from the ground until explored.


2000 English native shrubs and hardwood trees, 17 species, have been planted in January 2006 and are now protected as a conservation and wild life park.

Grasses, wild flowers including orchids indigenous to the fens dot the paths and woods and some half an acre has been preserved to show the ferns of the fens in their natural environment.A large area is mown as a games area where le boule, (petanque), quoits, snakes and ladders and other garden games can be enjoyed.


This area as the trees mature is a natural amphitheatre and hosts 3 band, beer and bbq events per annum. They are held on the saturday of spring bank holiday, the saturday after summer solstice and the saturday of august bank holiday 2011, July the 2nd, 27th August.


The country park/arboretum now in its 5th year is a conservation area for wild life that includes, toads, frogs, moles, field mice, field voles, Kestrel, Sparrow Hawk, Marsh Harrier, Heron, Mallard, Snipe, Partridge, Pheasant, Pipits, Reed Bunting and many more.


In 2010 the British Trust for Ornithology adopted the park for the careful trapping, rigging and releasing of birds. The rarest species ringed and released to date being a Red Start and Chiff Chaff.


The Park and cottage together offer a remarkable and memorable venue for you to enjoy.

Just two of the walks The trek a half mile stroll
“AUGUST 2012, AUTUMN IS COMING EARLY AFTER THE WETTEST SUMMER ON RECORD”, three icons of sutterton in the background, the church of St Mary, The water tower & the Thatched cottage “ a little thistle a day keeps the vet away”
“this is really nice” “who said the dog is a man’s best friend? “the lady’s not for turning” “one of Marion’s happy moments”
“let's go for a stroll” "Boo found you" "snack time"

The Sutterton Arboretum

In 2006 we began a long term conservation project, by planting over 2000 English hard wood saplings, conserving 17 species in 10 spinneys, developing into an Arboretum unique to the Fens.


You are welcome to take a stroll around the 8 acres (wellies required in the winter) which are a haven for wildlife and offer you a chance to enjoy a green space in peace and quiet.


Please keep dogs on a lead at all times.


Children should be accompanied and should not enter the wooded areas.


There are a mile of cut grassed footpaths and occasional seating.


The 10 woods are set out in a random Fleur de Lys pattern with mown footpaths around and between each of the twelve woods. Each wood has several of the following trees


English oak 100 White willow 100
Ash 225 Wych elm 75
Silver birch 150 Wild cherry 83
Common alder 123 Wild pear 25
Aspen 82 Holly 15
Norway maple 50 Weeping cedar 40
Black poplar 10 Rowan 75
Field maple 183 Crab apple 100
Small leaved lime 75 Wild willow 300
Hazel 90 Spindle 11
Hawthorn 100 Alder buckthorn 150
Guilder rose 185 Dogwood 20
Blackthorn 50


Birds ringed here on Sunday August 22nd 2010 by the British Trust for Ornithology Other Birds seen throughout the year
Redstart Kestrel
Blue tit Sparrow hawk
Great tit Woodcock
Gold finch Barn Owl
Dunnock Tawny Owl
Reed warbler Green finch
Willow warbler Long tailed tit
Sedge warbler Thrush
Robin Swallow
Whitethroat Swift
Blackcap Hedge sparrow
Blackbird House sparrow
Wren English Partridge
Yellow Hammer French Partridge